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Media Finance Focus 2022 

Updated: May 31, 2022


Attendees please refer to the Media Finance Event App for the most up-to-date descriptions. Available [Presentations] are listed below next to their corresponding session.

Sunday, May 22

12:30pm-4:00pm   MFM Board of Directors Meeting (Room: Hillsborough - Fourth Floor)

12:30pm-5:00pm   Pre-Registered Attendees Materials Pick-Up (Second Floor H.B. Plant Foyer)

5:00pm-5:30pm     Newcomers Reception (Location: The Terrace Room and Patio (Lobby Level Marriott Water Street)
5:30pm-7:00pm     Chairperson's Reception (Location: The Terrace Room and Patio (Lobby Level Marriott Water Street)

Open to all conference registrants sponsored by Hearst Television 

7:01pm                 Dinner on your own! ENJOY TAMPA BAY!!

Monday, May 23

7:30am-5:00pm    Registration Desk Open (on-site registration available)                

7:30am-8:30am      Welcome Coffee sponsored by Marketron 

8:30am-10:10am    1. Opening General Session with Keynote Speaker sponsored by Deloitte                                     

Keynote Speaker: Jeff Loucks, executive director of Deloitte’s Center for Technology, Media, & Telecommunications, Deloitte Services LP 

Media and entertainment services have acted as a lifeline throughout the pandemic. But consumers, now presented with endless choices, are smitten with varied content and flexible pricing options, creating persistent subscriber churn. To establish enduring relationships, media suitors will likely have to charm consumers by offering enhanced experiences and more personalization. In our latest Digital Media Trends Survey we explore how media and entertainment companies can harness consumer attitudes to drive loyalty and enable growth. [Presentation]

Keynote Panel: CFOs in the Hot Seat
Cal Mostella, Warner Bros. Discovery

Panelists: Lucy Rutishauser Sinclair Broadcast Group; Marie Tedesco, Beasley Broadcast Group; and Virginia Hernandez, Trilith Studios

Hear from this group of senior level CFO’s as they provide a diverse mix of perspectives and knowledge on key issues facing them and their companies.  This is your chance to get ahead of the curve to hear about common problems and how these people have resolved issues before them.

BCCA Contributor Award given to Ellen Lehr, Audacy


(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/O/2)

Room: HB Plant Ballroom


10:10am-10:30am  Coffee/Refreshment Break sponsored by Marketron


10:30am-11:20am  Breakout Sessions

2.  The Latest from Washington
Moderator: Paul Kelly, KTRK-TV/ABC/Disney

Speakers: David OxenfordWilkinson, Barker, Knauer LLP; and Anna Chauvet, NAB

Through all the changes that have occurred in the two years since we last met in person, DC regulation of broadcasters, cable companies and other media entities has continued on.  This session will provide information about the latest issues in media regulation from the FCC and Congress. Topics that will likely be discussed include the composition of the FCC and Congress and what that means for regulation, the potential for more regulation of online media entities and how that may affect traditional media; possible Congressional actions to foster local journalism; the status of changes to the FCC’s media ownership rules; possible modifications to the FCC’s EEO rules and legislative efforts to bring back the minority tax certificate; music licensing and other copyright issues; advertising issues; changes in technical rules for both radio and tv; and many other matters under consideration in our nation’s capital. 

(CPE-BL=Business Law/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

3. Accounting Update, Public Companies
Wilson Matheson, PwC

Speaker: James DePonte, PwC

This session will examine emerging topics with respect to SEC disclosure simplification initiatives, lessons learned from applying ASU 2019-02 for content assets and emerging issues with respect to direct-to-consumer and digital advertising and affiliate revenue transactions.  It will also look at navigating accounting for software and cloud computing arrangements.
Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

4. Video Games Trends and Insights
Jenna Hardy, Gearbox Entertainment

Speaker: Carrie Robison, Entertainment Software Association
Billions of people around the world play video games every day. Video games are a source of joy, entertainment, and stress relief, and over the last two years in particular, games have been a source of comfort and connection. This discussion will highlight some of the latest research and trends in video game play and the impact of the industry as well as the education, health and social benefits of gameplay. The discussion will provide an overview of the landscape for the video game industry looking ahead.
(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/U/1) 
Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

5. Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Litigation, Bankruptcy, AR Management and Best Practices
Randy Neff, Szabo Associates

Panelists: Sandi G. Henderson, Szabo Associates; and Gilbert M. Singer, Marcadis Singer PA

This session will help the audience stay up with the changing trends related to how COVID-19 has impacted both, the civil court and bankruptcy court systems. The speakers will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the cases through the civil and bankruptcy court systems and how the court systems have adapted to technologies within the respective jurisdictions, what can be expected in the future, what are the benefits and risks to the media industry, and a deep dive analysis into the cost of litigation in relation to the rewards (cost / risk analysis). In addition, the speakers will discuss Best Practices to consider during the credit extension process, terms and conditions to minimize risks, and an accounts receivable plan to maximize cash flow. [Presentation]
(CPE-MS=Management Systems/I/1) 
Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

6. Taxation of NFT’s and Crypto Currency
(CPE-T=Tax/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor 


11:30am-12:20pm Breakout Sessions

7. NFT’s:  The Basics
Paul Rahmlow, Midwest Communications

Speaker:  Andy Gille, Midwest Communications
NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens continue to make headlines with celebrities, influencers and investors touting their value.  But what exactly are NFTs, why should you care and how could they be useful in the future to your organization?  We attempt to answer these questions in a format that is readily understandable to beginners.  We aren’t going to delve into code or technical jargon, instead we’ll answer real questions like, “Why would someone pay $300k for a pixelated jpeg of a cat?” and “Doesn’t right click and save negate the whole idea of this thing?” 

(CPE-F=Finance/B/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor
8. Fraud Playing Offense:  Red Flags and Defense Tactics to Avoid Getting Burned

Speakers: Bruce Nathan, Lowenstein Sandler; and Andrew Behlmann, Lowenstein Sandler

Everyone is familiar with the big-name corporate and financial frauds, like Madoff and Enron, that make national news. Businesses of all sizes have been hit with fraud scams and schemes  that are less obvious but every bit as onerous, with increasing frequency.  From traditional financial statement fraud, to sophisticated e-mail spoofing schemes, to “old school” credit fraud tactics such as same name and ship-to scams, devious charlatans are just a mouse click away from wreaking havoc on your bottom line – and, in some instances, even the viability of your business as a whole.  Many of these fraud schemes are avoidable - if you know what to look for. This program provides an overview of credit and payment fraud and the various forms they take   The speakers will then discuss recent real-world fraud experiences and the red flags and warning signs that stopped - or could have stopped - fraudsters from succeeding. [Presentation]
(CPE-BL=Business Law/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

9. Newspaper Print Cycle Changes
Moderator: Steve Hall, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Panelists: Conan Gallaty, Times Publishing Co; Joe DeLuca, Times Publishing Co.
You’ll also hear from the Tampa Bay Times about the changes they made in 2020 to eliminate five days of print, leaving Sunday and Wednesday print publications. The panelists will share the lessons they’ve learned, impact on circulation and advertising revenue, financial impact, e-edition adoption rates, etc., and will answer questions that you have about the changes.[Presentation]
(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/I/1) 
Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

10. Web 3.0 Foundations: And its Role in Enabling the Metaverse
Jerry Calixto, Take-Two Interactive Software

Panelist: Nuno Leal, EY
This session will cover Web 3 foundations, the latest trends and where organizations will be heading in the space across all industries for entire spectrum (crypto, NFT, governance/DAO’s and new applications). It will also cover inner intricacies between web 3 and metaverse and broader implications for gaming organizations in the space.

(CPE-CSA=Computer Software & Applications/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

11. M&A in the Media Industry – Tax Considerations for Transaction Costs, E&P, Stock Basis and Sec. 382

Panelists: Jason Malinowski, PwC; and Joshua Phillips, PwC

This session will provide an overview of key tax considerations for media companies planning a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or restructuring.  Specialists from PwC will provide an overview of relevant topics including, deductibility of transaction costs, stock basis and E&P calculations, and Section 382 loss limitations, as well as share insight on recent IRS guidance and examinations. [Presentation]
(CPE-T=Tax/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor

12:20pm-1:20pm  Networking Luncheon - Open to all FULL CONFERENCE ATTENDEES sponsored by American Express


1:30pm-2:20pm   Breakout Sessions

12. Launching your ATSC 3.0 Channel – The essential partnership between Finance and Engineering C 3.0 

Moderator: Tracy Clark, Hearst Television
Panelists: John Robertson, Hearst Television; Joe Addalia, Hearst Television
These experts will explore the necessary partnership between Finance and Engineering that is required to successfully launch an ATSC 3.0 market. From budgeting to flipping the switch, they will explore each step and how these departments must be in lock step for a successful launch. 

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

13. Accounting Update, Private Companies
Christine Oliver, Deloitte
Speaker: Ashok Parmar, Deloitte

This session is a one-stop shop for the latest updates from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). The speaker will discuss accounting and financial reporting hot topics and accounting standards that are effective in 2022 and beyond.  The course will also address accounting considerations specific to media companies, including revenue recognition, content accounting, impairment assessments, and reporting considerations.

(CPE-AC=Accounting/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

14. From Intent to Event – Viewership and Finance in the Streaming Era
Debbie Neveu, Whip Media

Panelists:  Vince Muscarella, Whip Media; Jenna Hardy, Gearbox/Embracer; Deborah Newman, Grant Thornton 
Content viewing is more fractured than ever before as content owners, platforms, producers and agencies have limited visibility into OTT performance. Ratings no longer tell the complete story of TV viewership, and box office no longer tells the complete story of a feature film’s success and gaming IP has become a new battlefront in the original content arms race. This poses challenges to financial forecasting for anyone involved in multi-platform content evaluation. More importantly, fragmentation causes greater data complexity, requiring increased resources to manage content, recognize revenue and perform global analysis. During this session, industry leaders will present a more holistic view of demand and engagement. They'll also share real-world case studies that will demonstrate how understanding multi-platform trends is necessary to predict performance and monitor the competitive landscape to deliver even more business value for platforms and distributors. Additionally, they will show how collaborating upstream and integrating systems downstream enhances financial controls and streamlines content financial practices.

(CPE-F=Finance/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

15. Outsourcing, Internal Shared Services, or Both in Order-to-Cash?: Learn of the benefits of varied models and the best practices to drive speed to value for your organization
Mary McKenna, NBCUniversal; and Ed Ienner, Dotdash Meredith
This session will explore the benefits of managing order-to-cash processes within varied shared service delivery models, including hiring a BPO, managing with retained shared service organizations both domestically and internationally, or a combination of both. Our speakers will share their perspectives on best practices and lessons learned in managing global order-to-cash teams efficiently and effectively while transforming to drive business value.

(CPE-MS=Management Systems/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

16. Cybersecurity
Paul Rahmlow, Midwest Communications
Brendan Hall, Aon Cyber Solutions
This session will present an overview of cyber risk/threat landscape (historical and current, including geopolitical factors).  It will examine cyber as an enterprise risk, Impact to cyber on insurance market, key Issues in focus for insurers and building a cyber resilient enterprise.

(CPE-CSA=Computer Software & Applications/U/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 8 Fourth Floor

17. Media Tax - Automation

Moderator: Alesia Lewis, The Washington Post
Veronika Takacs, The Washington Post; Rose-Linn Jensen, Crown Media; Liane Sanson, CSI

Where are you in your automation process, with respect to RPA, API, OIC – Oracle Integration Cloud, Blockchain and OCR – Optical Character Recognition.   Are you where you wanted to be versus where you currently are – the gap between goals and actuals? What are some automation pitfalls and lessons learned?  This session will look at self-servicing automation v. consultants (cost/benefit, bringing ideas to life, etc.) and examples of automation.

(CPE-MS=Management Systems/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor

2:30pm-3:20pm   Breakout Sessions & Roundtables


18. Television

Moderators:  Tracy Clark, Hearst Television; and Lisa Christensen, Nexstar Media
From AE Commissions to Zoom Meetings, a lot has changed since our last in-person roundtable.  Join us for a lively discussion of the challenges and successes we have had over the last year while also delving into hot topics of interest to television finance professionals. This is an opportunity to network with, and learn from, your peers.

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/A/1) Room: Hillsborough Fourth Floor


19. Subscription Credit Card Optimization Strategies
Brandon Zarzana, The Columbian

Panelist: Chris Allan, Vindicia


(CPE-F=Finance/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

20. The Seven Reasons Media Companies Should Run Away from NFTs, and the One Reason to Embrace Them

Moderator: Richard Taub, TreeTrunk Technology, Inc. (a ConsenSys company)

There are many reasons for a large media company to not enter into the NFT market at the moment.  But the underlying business rationale and value creation may outweigh the risks significantly and very soon.  In this panel, we will explain why many executives would justifiably declare NFTs to be a poor area of focus, and why your CEO may decide to enter into the market, regardless. 

(CPE-F=Finance/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

21. Media’s Enticing – and Complicated – Future
Joe Hanratty, Warner Bros. Discovery
Howard Homonoff, Grant Thornton
This session will examine the increasingly complex challenges and exciting opportunities in media’s future. We’ll look at how the explosion of new platforms continues to drive demand for content consumption and production; what M&A looks like in a world where the middle gets smaller and harder to navigate; and how the era of “one size fits all” for media business models is long gone. From content producing to deal-making, the future will demand relentless creative thinking. [Presentation]

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

22. Proactively Protecting your Company’s A/R

Speaker: Wanda Borges, Borges & Associates

During the coronavirus pandemic, credit executives discovered it to be more important than ever to be proactive in protecting their company’s accounts receivable even before they become due.  As companies have emerged from the pandemic and reopened their businesses, trade credit grantors are being asked to extend credit with larger dollar exposures; but the PPP moneys that saved many businesses is no longer there as a safety net.  Utilizing the tools available to you can safeguard your company from a bad debt exposure in the future.  This program will discuss how to determine which tool is the best option for your company and how to properly document that choice once you have decided. [Presentation]

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor 

23. Tax Issues of  Remote Working

Moderator: Dan McGuire, KPMG

(CPE-T=Tax/A/1Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor

3:15pm -3:30pm    Refreshment Break sponsored by Manship Media

3:30pm -5:20pm    Roundtables

24. Radio

Moderators:  Bob Cole, Morgan Murphy Media; Andrew Rosen, Miller Kaplan
This session will be a free-flowing discussion centering in on key issues affecting the radio industry, including working/recruiting in the Post (hopefully) COVID world; Digital/New Media;  Automation; Insurance; Accounting Standards; ASCAP/BMI/SESAC/GMR.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/2) Room: Hillsborough Fourth Floor

25. Newspaper Operational

Moderator: Steve Hall, Las Vegas Review-Journal
An open discussion of topics of interest to newspapers specifically focused around operating issues such as: operating in a post-pandemic environment; revenue diversification, circulation initiatives/pricing, advertiser trends, expense management and savings ideas, systems discussions, working with remote employees and other topics of interest to the attendees. This is a great opportunity to network with, and learn from, your peers.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/2) Room: Manatee

3:30pm -4:20pm     Breakout Sessions 

26. The Effort to Reinvent: Finance Transformation in a Consumer Centric Age for M&E

Moderator: Kenneth Lytle, Oracle

Panelists: John Drain, Hearst Television; Dave Bochenek, Sinclair Broadcast Group; Leo Rohlinger, Oracle

Today’s audiences expect convenient and personalized experiences, and the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is reinventing itself to meet these new demands and captivate audiences at every turn. This consumer centricity has led to ongoing disruption throughout the media ecosystem—and has instigated intense, cross-industry convergence activity—reshaping the media landscape for good. M&E companies, both entrants and incumbents, need to actively seek ways to tap into new audiences and access the depth of content required to meet consumers' ever-growing demands. M&E companies using legacy ERP 1.0 systems lack the operational efficiency and flexibility to work in real-time and hamper growth, causing a disconnect between strategy and execution. M&E companies must adopt an agile finance model to bridge that gap between strategy and execution, enabling accelerated operational change with tightly integrated enterprise-wide business modeling.
(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

27. Internal Audit Becoming a Trusted Advisor
Marcus Anjewierden, Church of the Latter-day Saints/Deseret Management Corporation; Susan Balk,
Hearst Corp-IAD

Panelist: Ana Occhiuzzi, Hearst Television/Hearst Lab Scout;

A place for both finance and audit professionals to take a look at where they are on the path to becoming a valued and trusted advisor. After a discussion of theory, the group will discuss how to be “trusted advisors” by applying the principles in the media industry.

(CPE-AUD=Audit/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

28. Out of the Abyss:  Bankruptcy and Restructuring after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Bruce Nathan, partner, Lowenstein Sandler; Andrew Behlmann, Lowenstein Sandler

As the adverse effects of COVID-19 on the economy recede (hopefully), this session focuses on where bankruptcy and restructuring are heading in 2022 and the impact on credit professionals. The speakers will focus on the macroeconomic and policy factors that resulted in the fewest chapter 11 filings in more than 35 years, the recent inflation spike and recent and upcoming policy changes that threaten to drive a resurgence in chapter 11 filings and where bankruptcy and restructurings are headed in the post-pandemic era. Trends that will be discussed  include the acceleration of  bankruptcy cases (prepackaged or pre-negotiated plans, sale cases and the increased frequency of structured dismissals of chapter 11 cases); changes in bankruptcy court practice and creditors’ committee formation, small business bankruptcy trends, recent surge in preference litigations, and the increased frequency of alternative insolvency proceedings. [Presentation]

(CPE-MS=Management Systems/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

29. ASC 740 Hot Topics

Moderator: Louis Lazar, PwC
Martin Anderson, PwC

This session will cover significant developments impacting accounting for income taxes for financial reporting.  With a focus on the media industry, the discussion will focus on key items that may impact a company’s quarterly and year end provision processes, including the impact of new regulations, proposals, and FASB update.

(CPE-T=Tax/A/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

4:30pm -5:20pm    Breakout Sessions 

30. YP Network presents: Speed Networking

Moderators: Carrie Heffernan, Bonneville Int'l; and Ryan Laninga, Bonneville Int'l
The Young Professionals Network is offering access to some of the most trusted and experienced experts in the media industry with a speed mentoring event. If you’re looking to meet and connect with some of the industry’s best, bring your questions and ideas to this interactive session. Mentees will rotate to several mentors during this 50-minute session.

(CPE-MS=Management Services/O/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 8 Fourth Floor

31. Lessons In Leadership:  Surviving the Great Resignation

Moderator: Lisa Fields, Broadcast1Source

Speakers: Chelsea Bowes, Hearst Television; Sharon Pickeral, Sinclair Broadcast Group; Nikki Sutton, Graham Media/WJXT

The hottest topic across all industries these days is how companies are dealing with high amounts of resignations. Couple that with the difficulty of attracting, hiring, and keeping new employees. If you thought it was hard before the pandemic, it is only getting worse. In this panel learn from leading companies in the broadcast industry about new practices they are implementing to attract and keep a diverse staff. The FCC has long required certain outreach initiatives to maintain licenses and now these steps are even more essential in attracting prospective employees. Topics to be discussed will be marketing-utilizing broad outreach-to diversify your candidate pool, compensation, job postings, selling their opportunities, and learning about new changes to talent acquisition tricks.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/I/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor 

32. Transmedia Titans Explain the Future of Storytelling

Moderator: Jenna Hardy, Gearbox Entertainment
Panelists: Randy Varnell, Gearbox Software; Matt Ward, Gearbox Software; and Lin Joyce, Ph.D, Gearbox Entertainment 

When it comes to world-building primed for story and audience engagement, no industry does it better than games. Simply put: The metaverse is here, and it’s been part of gaming since the 80’s. Join Gearbox Entertainment’s creative experts to learn how the games industry is ideally positioned to succeed in the transmedia space. Panelists will bring their collective experience in games, films, comics, and more to share how storytelling in games is poised to entertain the world.

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

33. Designing the New Age Credit Function With Data-Driven Decisions 
Bill Weiss, HighRadius

Panelists: Rudy Schatzmann, Altus Receivables Management; Nat McCall, Warner Bros. Discovery; Jeff Braunstein, CreditSafe

This session will offer a guide to procuring the right data (both the source and the numbers) to make accurate credit decisions;  five red flags that are often overlooked while making credit decisions, causing trouble to suppliers;  key ways to avoid a credit landmine by evaluating your customer’s sustainability, long-term growth plans, etc.

(CPE-MS=Management Services/I/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor 

4:30pm                     Exhibit Hall Opens

Room:  Tampa Bay Ballroom 5 Fourth Floor


5:30pm -7:15pm        Exhibit Hall Opening Night Reception sponsored by Nexstar Media Group

Join us as we open the Exhibition Hall for cocktails and light hors-d'oeuvres!


7:00pm -7:30pm        Meet Buses: Outside the Marriott Hotel on Water Street - Connected to JW Marriott (watch your MFM EVENT APP for notifications)

7:30pm -10:30pm      Opening Night Event 

Dinner, Networking and Entertainment!!!

Sponsored by Szabo Associates and MFM/BCCA

Venue: Armature Works (bus transportation provided by MFM & BCCA)

Entertainment provided by: SWITCH

The music of the 80’s had a huge influence on us, so when we started

the band the majority of the songs we learned were from the 80’s.

Our vision was to play shows that featured 80’s music, videos, costumes,

decor, celebrity look a likes and everything else. Over the years we have performed at some of the most awesome 80’s themed events and parties. We have also opened for some great 80s bands like Tears For Fears, Loverboy, Rick Springfield, Night Ranger, The Romantics, Berlin and STYX.

Tuesday, May 24

7:30am-5:00pm        Registration Desk Open

8:00am-9:50am          34. Seated Breakfast followed by General Session 
                                             Sponsored by 

Keynote Speaker: Diane Swonk, Grant Thornton 

Overview: This session will examine a number of issues facing the economy. Where are interest rates headed? What impact will they have on the overall economy and specific industries? Labor market – job creation, unemployment, where will companies find people to fill open positions? What will it take to keep those employees? View on inflation – is it transitory or long term? What impact will they have on companies and consumers? Effects of the Russia/Ukraine war, and the prospects of enacting any parts of Build Back Better and the potential for GOP takeover of the house and senate in November. 

Keynote Speaker: Thomas Mucha, Wellington Management

Overview: 2022 is en route to being one of the most complex, unpredictable, and potentially dangerous geopolitical backdrops in decades. As we saw in 2021, the pandemic tends to accelerate shifts and help shape events in new and surprising ways by contributing to diverging macro effects, ongoing supply-chain disruptions, cyclical and structural changes in labor markets, and varying inflation outlooks. All of this macroeconomic uncertainty, combined with the unanticipated Russian attack on Ukraine, will influence our domestic policies and elections, and of course have major asset price implications

(CPE-F=Finance/O/1.5) Room: H.B Plant Room Second Floor


9:50am-10:45am        Refreshments in Exhibit Hall (Tampa Bay Ballroom 5 - Fourth Floor) 

Visit Exhibitors, Gaming in YP Lounge, Service Project...and more

10:45am-12:35pm      Roundtables

35. Young Professionals

Moderators: Carrie Heffernan, Bonneville Int'l; and Ryan Laninga, Bonneville Int'l

Open to all conference attendees! Join the YP Network for discussions related to today’s hot topics affecting the workplace and society as a whole. New topics will include Gen Z entering the workforce, and what the future could potentially bring inside the metaverse. These topics are new to all of us, and constantly evolving, so no experience necessary.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/2)  Room: Hillsborough Fourth Floor 
36. Federal Update and Roundtable - Media Tax


Speaker: Alex Brosseau, Deloitte 

President Biden’s Build Back Better Act, chock full of potential new tax provisions, remains stalled in the Senate and prospects for a reboot are uncertain.  Will Democrats be able to coalesce around a package before this year’s midterm elections?  Or will another round of bipartisan unity result in a more focused deal?  Join us for a timely and insightful discussion of prospects for major tax reform this year and the state of negotiations in Washington.


Moderator: Dan McGuire, KPMG
This roundtable will give media tax professionals the opportunity to share recent audit and litigation experiences involving federal income tax matters.

(CPE-T=Tax/A/2) Room: Manatee

10:45am-11:35am      Breakout Sessions

37. Political Advertising

Speakers: Seth Williams, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth; Sara Hinkle, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth
Consent decrees, compliance plans and monetary forfeitures – the Commission is serious about compliance with the on-line public file rules, especially the political file.  Join us the learn how to avoid the FCC’s enforcement trap and stay on top of the public file requirements. We’ll cover the political file, political rules and other public file responsibilities in a fast-paced regulatory session certain to make you want to throw it all in the circular file!

(CPE-BL=Business Law/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

38.  Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)
Moderator: Beth Bramowski, Audacy

Speaker:  Jerry Ratigan, Chief Accounting Services, LLC
Latest Update on Proposed Global Sustainability Standards - IFRS S1 General Requirements: How to establish best practices for treating sustainability data with the same control, governance, transparency, and assurance as that of financial data and disclosure.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/O/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

39. Subscriber Retention Ideas

Moderator:  Steve Hall, Las Vegas Review Journal
Gwen Vargo, American Press Institute

What are the best ways to engage and retain your subscribers? Getting new digital subscribers is only the first step in meeting overall subscription growth goals.  It is critical for news organizations to know the best ways to engage and retain these new subscribers. Gwen will share best practices for digital subscription engagement and retention including onboarding, customer service, subscriber-only benefits, and metrics that matter.  Additionally, she will also have key takeaways from API’s publisher retention survey and study published last year. [Presentation]

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

40. Employee Retention Fireside Chat

Moderator: Marie Tedesco, Beasley Media Group

Speaker: Chelsea Bowes, Hearst Television

Recruitment and employee retention has become more difficult and very competitive for all industries. With an increasing competitive landscape, how do we attract and retain the best employees? What creative outside the box ideas are working for recruitment? What tools and resources do you use to retain employees? What do we need to change to attract superstars? What is the impact from inflation? What efforts are necessary to ensure we are recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce? This will be a session where we would also like to hear from the audience on what has worked for you regarding recruitment and retention. Let’s make this a brainstorm session! [Presentation]

(CPE-P/HR=Personnel/Human Resources/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

41. The Implications of Anti-Trust Laws in the Media Industry

Speaker: Wanda Borges, Borges & Associates

Many credit relationships begin with a completed and signed credit application. In the Media Industry, not so much!  Insertion Orders are the norm and often even the name of who is requesting credit becomes fuzzy.  So the trade credit grantor has to seek information elsewhere.  That means turning to one's fellow credit grantors, checking credit references, attending trade credit groups or pulling credit reports.  This program will focus upon the exchange of credit information whether at your desk or in a group setting.  To understand what you can or cannot discuss and how much you can discuss is essential. The Sherman Antitrust Act will be reviewed and case law will be presented that reflects where trade creditors can get into legal trouble by ignoring the law. The concept that credit terms are equal to pricing is unfathomable to some credit grantors. And, the method by which most credit executives obtain and transmit credit information is changing on a daily basis. Whether extending credit from your desk or exchanging credit with your colleagues at a credit group meeting, the credit executive must be cognizant of Antitrust Statutes and the effect adherence to–or violation of–can have on you and your company. [Presentation]

(CPE-BL=Business Law/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor                                    

11:45am-12:35pm      Breakout Sessions

42. (Currently Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances - may be replaced - check Event App) NLRB Assault on First Amendment, Management Rights and Independent Contractor Status

43. Music Licensing

Panelists: Janet McHugh, TVMLC; and Bill Velez, RMLC; Jacob Ebin, Mayer Brown
The world of music licensing is complex and confusing.  Local radio and tv stations pay hundreds of millions of dollars to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC each year.  Panelists will attempt to take the mystery out of music licensing in the broadcast industry and explain what you pay and why. 

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor   

44. Games Industry Valuation
Mark Mondello, Kroll; and Arya Rahimian, Kroll

The Video Game industry had another year of rapid change. The last twelve months reflected high volatility among public video game stocks as the world economy slowly emerged from the pandemic. We have seen blockbuster M&A deals (Zynga, Activision, etc.) and IPOs (Roblox, Unity), in the midst of geopolitical turmoil, tightened regulation in China, and surging inflation. But one thing remains consistent: video games remain a large part of media consumption in the lives of consumers. This session will present a year-in-review in M&A, public market activity, and trends in the video industry, with some commentary on what to look for in 2022 and beyond.

(CPE-F=Finance/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor   
45. Tools and Methods for Enhancing the Collections Process

Panelists: Ed Ienner, Dotdash Meredith; Christine Lipani, Dotdash Meredith; Mark Brousseau, Brousseau & Associates ; Carmen Reyes, Warner Bros. Discovery
This session will cover the use of tools and methods in order to efficiently modify your collection processes to accelerate payments for outstanding receivables. We will cover topics such as dispute resolution/root cause analysis, lifecycle of an invoice from sales order to cash collections (order to cash cycle), identify and address order entry/billing/sales issues, invoice revisions, relationship building with agencies/advertisers, and more!

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/I/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

46. The Metaverse

Panelists: Cal Mostella, Warner Bros. Discovery; Joshua Schopf, WarnerMedia Discovery
In this session we will explore the buzz and mystery surrounding the metaverse.  What is it? Where is it?  And how do you access it? Learn how enterprises and media competitors are investing in the metaverse and discuss what that could mean for finance. [Presentation]

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/O/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor


12:45pm-2:00pm     Buffet Lunch in Exhibit Hall

2:00pm-3:50pm       Roundtables

47. CFO Roundtable (invitation only)

Sponsored by KPMG and Bond & Pecaro

Moderators: Dave Bestler, Hubbard Radio; and Andre Alexander, GBH

Speaker: Thomas Mucha, Wellington Management

   In the first part of this two part discussion, Thomas Mucha of Wellington Management will expand on Tuesday morning’s general session, and will discuss supply-chain disruptions, cyclical and structural changes in labor markets and varying inflation predictions.  
   The second part will be a moderated discussion covering issues important to media’s most-senior financial executives. Topics to be discussed include health insurance/employee benefits, employee retention and recruitment, security, impact of new accounting standards, as well as an open forum to discuss other subjects of current concern to participants. Please come prepared with thoughts and questions.

(CPE-F=Finance/A/2) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 8 Fourth Floor

48. Newspaper Controllers Roundtable
Brandan Zarzana, The Columbian

This session is an open discussion focusing on issues of interest to Newspaper Controllers and other Finance personnel. Topics will include enhancing the finance department’s value within the company (i.e. earning and maintaining a seat at the table); providing meaningful and timely management reporting, including the related systems and processes; managing new lines of business and revenue streams; expense management; finance operations efficiency tools; and managing staffing as it relates to retention and morale, as well as other topics brought up by attendees. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from and share with your peers in our industry.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/2) Room: Manatee

2:00pm-2:50pm        Breakout Sessions

49. Managing Multiple Revenue Streams sponsored by Symphony MediaAI

Speakers: Karin Bleiler, Symphony MediaAI; Stan Kopec, AMC Networks; Ana Occhiuzi, Hearst Television 

Content licensors and programmers face a challenging paradox: digital drives tomorrow’s growth, but linear drives today’s profit. Discover how 3 key trends – FAST, partnerships, and CTV – could impact your revenue this year. Learn best practices to manage data, licensing agreements, and revenue operations as you navigate your digital transformation. 

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

50. Blockchain and the Metaverse
Darren Wilson, Deloitte & Touche
Chris Deans, Deloitte & Touche; Mark Osis, Deloitte Consulting
Blockchain and metaverses are enabling infrastructure technologies that allows for proof of unique digital ownership and brand-new digital experiences. Why should business leaders care? In this session, we will explore the basics of blockchain and the metaverse, and their role in the “future of business” through customer engagement, revenue generation, and opportunity creation.

(CPE-MS=Management Systems/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

51. Decoding the Games Market
Joe Hanratty, Warner Bros Discovery

Speaker: Yoshio Osaki, IDG Consulting
IDG, one of the leading research, strategy, and analytics firms in the gaming industry, will walk the audience through an interactive presentation on decoding the games market from an analyst’s perspective. Covering major themes including gaming growth trends, console and PC gaming, the mobile gaming market, the metaverse, IDG predictions, and transmedia case studies, IDG will explore these areas with data-driven insights. With exposure to all of the major platforms, publishers, developers, and investors in the games industry, IDG will provide you with a direct pulse on all of the major trends in the games market. [Presentation]

(CPE-SK-Specialized Knowledge/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

52. Media Tax Session - State Tax Planning
Panelist: Kenneth Levine, Esq, Reed Smith

This session will explore various state tax savings opportunities across the country—with a particular focus on corporate income and franchise taxes—including a discussion of lesser-known issues that are making their way through the appeals process but not yet in a public forum.  This will include positions that could generate tax refunds for prior years, or reduce your tax liability on returns going-forward, or both.  Topics will be wide-ranging: nexus, apportionment, NOLs, credits, net worth computation, and more.

(CPE-T=Tax/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

3:00pm-3:50pm        Breakout Sessions

53. Closing the Books on Digital Advertising

Moderator: Bo Bandy, Marketron
Panelists: Gregory Pretko, Southern Stone Communs.; Erica Dreyer, NRG Media; Kellam Tougias, Audacy

This session will explore how companies are handling the addition of digital advertising tactics in terms of business operations workflow.  From cost allocation to P&L, the addition of digital advertising is shaking up not only the sales department, but the entire business and accounting offices as well. It will include: Building an operational workflow/tech stack that gets you the data you need flowing through your systems so you can do reporting, invoicing, projecting, etc. in a timely and efficient way. The nitty gritty of allocating digital in the books: What are the day-to-day challenges? What solutions/operational challenges have to be made to make digital work with other product lines?

(CPE-AC-Accounting/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

54. Data Analytics and Fraud
William Tobey, Hearst Corp.

Panelists: Christine Kichi, Hearst Corp; Elizabeth Cedano, Hearst Corp.

The objective is to show MFM audience how we analyze medium to large datasets to find relevant issues that are actionable from an Internal Audit perspective and that will also provide business units with value. This session will investigate the use of analytics in the following areas: T&E (Outlier detection with Neural Networks to find relevant transactions); T&E (Other standard analytics tests to locate non-compliance with policies); Payroll Audit; Supplier Analysis (risk analysis of suppliers driving actionable change in supplier data); Trend Analysis of Financials (risk analysis of business units). 

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

55.The Value of Data in the AR Process

sponsored by FastPay

Moderator: Rick Weir, FastPay

Panelists: Ellen Lehr, Audacy; Tonya Sorrells, Hearst Television; Ryan Laninga, Bonneville Int'l

This session speaks to the entire accounts receivables process and the availability of tools, data feeds, reporting and automation available today. Come hear from CFOs and Finance directors who are pressing for more automation, automatic delivery of data to streamline their cash application and receivables process. The session will focus on the importance of current and historical data during the remittance and reconciliation processes.  The panel will also discuss best practices for communicating payment expectations and how media suppliers and buyers can improve the payment flow. It will talk about reconciliation, refunds, remittance data, credit card data pass through to take advantage of lower rates, treasury and bank tie ins and outs and how what is available to automate many of these manual processes today. 

(CPE-MS=Management Systems/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

56. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Moderator: Neuhy Hubush, Gannett Co.

Panelist: LaToya Johnson, Gannett Co.; Ozie Malikyar, Gannett Co., Bryan Keirn, EY
This session will leverage a panel format to explore matters around diversity, equity and inclusion, including those related to employees, customers & audiences, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders. This will be an interactive session where panelists will discuss their perspectives and initiatives and engage in conversation with attendees on how DEI efforts can continue to evolve. Attendees are encouraged to come with questions and insight to add to the overall discussion.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor
57. Indirect Tax Challenges in the Digital Economy

Speaker:  Michael Cronin, Grant Thornton
During the pandemic, states experienced sizeable growth in tax revenue triggered by consumer on-line spending.  Factors that contributed to this result include the impact of tax legislation adopted by the states following the Wayfair decision addressing collection of remote/on-line sales, and states expanding their sales tax bases to include digital products/services.  In today’s digital economy, tax compliance can no longer be considered an administrative nuisance.  The multistate digital rules have resulted in significant complexity, with the costs of non-compliance potentially severe.  This session will discuss the landscape of digital sales taxation, and practical takeaways to survive the myriad of state compliance requirements. [Presentation]

(CPE-T=Tax/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor

3:50pm-4:30pm       Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall (Tampa Bay Ballroom 5 Fourth Floor)

4:30pm-5:20pm       Breakout Session

58. Building a Sustainable Local News Business Model: Baltimore Banner Case Study
Moderator: John Sanders, Bond & Pecaro

Speaker:  Imtiaz Patel, Baltimore Banner

This session will focus on the innovations required to survive and thrive in in a competitive and rapidly changing market, using the start-up of the as a case study.  Specific areas include revenue mix (advertising, subscription, events, etc.), cost management, investments in journalistic talent, branding and positioning, and fostering localism.  The session is sponsored by the newspaper committee but will contain practical insights for all media sectors.

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

59. Podcasts

Panelist: Jen Hurley, Washington Post; Jeremy Sinon, Hubbard Radio
This session will focus on the podcast market – where it was and where it’s going.  We will deep dive into the podcast overall audience demographics, as well as monetization opportunities in subscriptions and advertising.  Digital audio is one of the fastest growing mediums in media so it is incumbent on all digital media companies to pay attention to this segment. 

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

60. Enhancing the Order to Cash Process to Manage Risk in the Post Pandemic World
Mary McKenna, NBCUniversal
Greg Johnson, Moody's Analytics

Assessing the risk of doing business with companies is difficult enough to gauge during times of economic stability. With the post-pandemic world, trade patterns are shifting and risk is emerging in ways never before contemplated.  Companies are being forced to adapt to a new environment where the traditional approach to analysis just isn’t enough.  It now requires more data than ever before to assess the risk of doing business with another company leaving them drowning in data and starved for information.  This session explores how global specialty data, scores can be combined with traditional credit data and a company’s own data to create an integrated risk assessment enabling the efficient, effective and accurate assessment and review of businesses throughout the order to cash workflow. 

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor

61. Accounting and Auditing for Digital Assets

Moderator: Jerry Calixto, Take Two Interactive

Panelists: Christopher England, EY; Geoff Griffin, EY; and Michael Gonzales, EY
The proliferation of digital assets (including crypto assets and NFTs) and the lack of US GAAP guidance that specifically addresses them have raised questions about how holders or issuers of these assets should account for them. This presentation is meant to provide the audience with an overview of the related accounting and auditing considerations for a holder of digital assets. It will also highlight some of the accounting considerations by specialized entities engaged in digital asset activities (e.g., staking, mining, custodians). 

(CPE-AC=Accounting/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor

62. State and Local Tax Update - Media Tax

(CPE-T=Tax/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor

5:45pm-7:15pm        Happy Hour with Awards Ceremony/Concert

5:45 PM    Happy Hour w/ drinks and light hors-d'oeuvres
                 Sponsored by
Grant Thornton

6:30 PM    Awards sponsored by BMI

Rainmaker Award Winners

Working Capital Award Winners

6:45 PM    Concert/Entertainment sponsored by BMI

Entertainment: Laci Kaye Booth

7:15pm                     Open Evening - Dinner on your own...enjoy Tampa

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Wednesday, May 25


Morning Newspaper Delivery sponsored by A+E Networks

7:30am-3:30pm        Registration Desk Open

7:30am-8:30am        Attendee Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall sponsored by Oracle

8:30am-10:00am      63. General Session


MFM Annual Membership Meeting

Fireside Chat

State of News Reporting

Moderator: Julia Ziegler, Director of News and Programming, WTOP

Panelist: Neil Brown, President, The Poynter Institute; Terence Samuel, NPR; Michael Van Sickler, Tampa Bay Times

This session will focus on how journalism has changed over the years with a focus on news consumption, editorial quality, determining factual vs fake news, journalistic ethics and standards.  

The session will address: 
  --How has news consumption changed over the last decade?
  --How has journalism changed over the last two decades?
  --How do we ensure journalistic ethics and standards in the news?
  --How do journalists maintain ‘journalistic independence’?
  --How has ‘new media’ impacted news?  
  --How does the consumer determine fact vs fake 

Presentation of the Jeana K. Stanley Memorial Award to Trilith Studios in recognition of their ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in media. 

Presented by John Drain, Hearst. Award will be accepted by Zelda Hyde, Head of Talent Experience, Trilith Studios

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/O/1.5) Room: H.B. Plant Ballroom Second Floor


10:00am-10:30am      Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall in Tampa Bay Ballroom 5 Fourth Floor

10:30am                    Exhibit Hall Closes

10:30am-12:20pm      Roundtable

64. Media Credit & Collections 
Ed Ienner, Dotdash Meredith; Christine Lipani, Dotdash Meredith; and Tonya Sorrells, Hearst Television
This session will look at significant issues facing credit and collections professionals. Areas to be covered include liability – joint & several vs sequential, the emergence of digital in a post-covid world, invoicing & billing, anti-trust, hybrid work environment.  Best practices, including approving customers, financial statements, approvals for credit, systems services and shared services including outsourcing.  This session will look at automation, payments, AI and order to cash.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/2) Room: Hillsborough Fourth Floor

10:30am-11:20 am       Breakout Sessions

65. CANCELLED - Insurance

(CPE-MS=Management Systems/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor

66. Games Roundtable Part 1

Moderator: Jerry Calixto, Take Two Interactive 
Join your fellow games finance professionals in an open forum on issues facing the games community. 
(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/1)  Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

67. NFTs: Legal Implications

Speaker: Alice Kelly, Ice Miller 
One barrier to large media companies entering the NFT market forcefully is the potential legal risk.  This risk spans a range of copyrights and other protected IP being applied to a new technology, to specific issues endemic to NFTs such as if and how content can be removed and as well as the instantaneously global exposure a NFT can present to a content owner or NFT creator.  This panel will provide an introduction into these issues.

(CPE-MS=Management Systems/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor  

68. 10 Tips to Find Alternative Funding for News

Moderator: John Sanders, Bond & Pecaro
Jessi Navarro, The Poynter Institute; Wendy Wallace, The Poynter Institute; Steve Hall, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Join us for ideas and inspiration for finding new revenue sources for your newsroom.  We'll share the programs we know are working and offer you the guidance you need to implement them in your organizations. While this session is sponsored by the newspaper group there are a number of other media companies that have found alternative sources of funding for news, including: websites, radio, TV. [Presentation]

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor  

69. Sports Betting and Media

Speakers:  Seth Williams, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth; David Oxenford, Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer LLP

(CPE-BL=Business Law/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor

11:30am-12:20pm        Breakout Sessions & Roundtables

70. Low Code Automation and The Future of Work 

Panelists: Howie Stein, Deloitte; and Kirti Parakh, Deloitte
More companies are deploying automation for a variety of tasks and processes. Companies are leaning more on low-code / no-code automation. What are the latest trends and opportunities, and impact on the future of work? This session will discuss defining low-code / no-code automation, applications of automation in technology, media and telecommunications, including the controllership function, and internal audit, opportunities and challenges with automation and scaling, impact of transformation on the Future of Work. [Presentation]

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 1 Fourth Floor  

71. Political Hot Topics - Labor Relations
Lori Brock, Gray Media Group

Panelists: David Masud, Masud Labor Law Group; Dana Luby Neves, Gray Television

President Biden’s frustrated labor legislative agenda, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has stepped up to change things, taking direct aim at non-union employers.  Presenters will outline the most recent NLRB developments that should be of concern to any employer who has been successful in maintaining a union-free workplace.  Learn why federal labor law is no longer a union workplace-only concern as our presenters discuss the NLRB’s rulemaking and case developments. 

(CPE-P/HR=Personnel/Human Resources/O/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 3 Fourth Floor  

72. Games Roundtable Part 2
Moderator: Jerry Calixto, Take Two Interactive
Join your fellow games finance professionals in an open forum on issues facing the games community.

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/1 Room: Tampa Bay Salon 2 Fourth Floor

73. Productivity
Alesia Lewis, The Washington Post

Do you know the secret to skyrocketing your productivity? Good news - the answer is not in working harder and faster. The answer is in managing your attention and utilizing technology. Join us for a fun and interactive conversation on how to easily improve your productivity with small tweaks to your daily activities and easy-to-use modern technology tools. 

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/I/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 6 Fourth Floor  

74. Newspaper Unscripted Roundtable

Moderators: Steve Hall, Las Vegas Review-Journal; Brandon Zarzana, The Columbian

(CPE-BMO=Business Management & Organization/A/1) Room: Tampa Bay Salon 7 Fourth Floor


12:30pm-2:00pm      Luncheon\News Headlines by local newscaster

Carolina Leid, anchor, WTSP-TV
10 Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida

BMI Sponsored Entertainment by Sheena Brook

  Room: H.B. Plant Ballroom Second Floor       


2:00pm-2:30pm       Dessert, Final Prize and Grand Prize Drawing

Grand Prize sponsored by ABC-Amega

Room: H.B. Plant Pre-Function Foyer Second Floor

2:30pm-3:30pm      75. Closing General Session

Why the Future of the Media is the Metaverse

Speaker: Jack Myers, Media Ecologist and Founder, MediaVillage

To the amphibian, is one world real and the other not? Is “artificial intelligence” real or not? Are gamers, playing in a virtual reality, not still in the “real” world? The Metaverse today is an amoebic form of a new universe that is just beginning to be understood, explored and developed. The printing press had 200 years before radio and television, which had 100 years to grow and mature before being disrupted by the Internet. The Internet has had 30 years. The Metaverse will be the dominant communications medium within 15 years, disrupting all the business models in which we trust. It’s impact on culture, society, business and humanity will be far greater than the Internet. Veteran industry forecaster and strategic advisor Jack Myers shares his vision for the future of media and how financial managers can lead as the industry transforms.

(CPE-SK=Specialized Knowledge/O/1) Room: H.B. Plant Ballroom Second Floor

3:30pm                      Conference Adjourns...

See you next year Media Finance Focus 2023 in Los Angeles, CA May 22-24, 2023

NMIA/Internal Auditors

(Open to ALL NMIA and Media Internal Auditors - not additional fee required)


Wednesday, May 25


3:40 p.m. - 6:10 p.m.       76. Internal Audit (NMIA) Staff and Management Roundtable

Moderator: Marcus Anjewierden, Church of JC of the Latter-day Saints/Deseret Management 

Speaker: Deborah Mack, PwC; and Vicki Coxon, PwC

Presentation by PWC on current hot topics from internal auditing followed by an open roundtable to discuss media and internal audit related issues as they relate to our work.

(CPE-AUD=Audit/A/3) Room: Hillsborough

Thursday, May 26

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.       77.  Internal Audit (NMIA) Staff and Management Roundtable

Moderator: Kevin Schmitz, Dotdash Meredith
Come join the Internal Audit Committee for a roundtable of open discussion on relevant and timely topics related to Internal Auditing in the Media Industry. Sponsored by the Association of News Media Internal Auditors.
 Room: Hillsborough


Speaker/Company disclaimers:

About Deloitte

Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee (“DTTL”), its network of member firms, and their related entities. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. DTTL (also referred to as “Deloitte Global”) does not provide services to clients. In the United States, Deloitte refers to one or more of the US member firms of DTTL, their related entities that operate using the “Deloitte” name in the United States and their respective affiliates. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. Please see to learn more about our global network of member firms.

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