Jeff Loucks
Deloitte Services LP
Digital Media

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Monday, May 23 - Morning General Session

Jeff Loucks is the executive director of Deloitte’s Center for
Technology, Media, & Telecommunications, Deloitte Services LP,
Columbus, OH. In his role, he conducts research and writes on
topics that help companies capitalize on technological change. An award-winning thought leader in digital business model transformation, Jeff is especially interested in the strategies organizations use to adapt to accelerating change. Jeff’s academic background complements his technology expertise. Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from The Ohio State University, and a Master of Arts and PhD in political science from the University of Toronto.

Thomas Mucha
Wellington Management

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Tuesday, May 24 - Morning General Session

Thomas began his career in the media industry as an award winning
journalist with CNN, Time, Crain’s, and GobalPost. He
transformed his journalism experience into the investment
research arena and for the past 12 years has been a leader of
Wellington Management’s geopolitical investment research
team. Thomas travels the world observing and analyzing societal
and economic trends that can have a profound impact on both
investment markets and the world we all live in. He translates
that insight into meaningful investment strategies for Wellington’s
clients to help them navigate an increasingly complex global
marketplace. Thomas is a compelling speaker with a powerful
message applicable to every financial executive.

WellSaid – The Wellington Management Podcast

WellSaid is produced by Wellington Management. Hosted by Geopolitical Strategist Thomas Mucha and featuring our global team of investment professionals. The series aims to draw connections between our investment research and real-world themes and trends.

Diane Swonk
Grant Thornton

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Tuesday, May 24 - Morning General Session


Diane Swonk is one of the most respected macroeconomists, who
maintains a unique perspective on the inner workings of Main
Street as well as Wall Street. She is an expert on the economics
of the labor market, monetary policy and structural changes that
are distinct from economic cycles. Diane’s global network includes
economists, industry leaders and geopolitical experts, which
amplifies the breadth and reach of her analysis. She advises policy
makers at all levels of government, including central bankers.
Diane’s uniquely accessible approach to macroeconomic shifts has
made her a highly sought-after expert quoted by local, national
and international newspapers and broadcasters. Diane has won
many awards for excellence in forecasting and leadership in
economics and the business community.

See Diane's trailer for her presentation: